Make your website stand out – because that is what sells

A book should not be judged by its cover. Unfortunately, the online world does not follow this mantra. A lot of businesses get rejected only because of the look of its website.

As per stats it takes a prospective customer only 0.05 seconds to make a decision whether or not to stay longer on your website.

In this age of competition you cannot afford to miss out on traffic and this is why a good site design is a must. This will ensure that your website does not get lost in the crowd of online sites and instead you stand out and get noticed.

How to make your website stand out from your competitors

The time is now passé when just having a website could make you stand ahead in the competition. How your site looks is a key deciding factor that influences the buying decision of a buyer.

You do not just need a website today but you need a tool that lets our customers get an idea about your business just in a glimpse.

Why should your website be able to create the first impression?

This is because first impression matters. It is the age of virtual shopping and with a very fine line between what you and your competitor offers you definitely do not want to take a chance of sending your business to your rival.

A blend of aesthetics and user friendliness is what one looks for

Without an offline presence a company can run today. However, the same cannot be said about an online presence. Web designing is vital for any business be it insurance, education business or whether you are an e-commerce platform.

A single mistake in the designing can cost a lot of money to your business and it could also be the reason to shut shop.

Before you start designing the website make sure to understand that every user visiting your site looks for three things on your site. They look for value, user friendliness and the aesthetics of your web design.

It is crucial to build your brand identity through your website

Your site should be a reflection of your business. This is what will help the traffic stay pulled towards your website to recognize your brand as soon as they get a glimpse of your site.

The best way to let your site stand out is to make it visually appealing. The visuals should be such that it should reflect the image of your brand.

Your website design should target your audience

Whether you are the owner of a chemical supplier company, an Boats/Yacht for Sale or Rent Company or a car parts dealer you need to keep your target audience in mind before you start designing your website.

For this it is key to understand that your website is not for you but for your target audience. And the target market that you are trying to capture has a major role to play in the design of your website.

Know your target audience and design your website that will focus on the solutions and questions that your audience may be seeking for through the site.

This is also the first step that lets you create an outline for your site and then you can proceed from here.

A good website has to be technically sound but designed for the non tech- savvy user

It takes a lot of hard work and lots of technical expertise to design a website.

A good website designer has thorough knowledge about the key designing aspects and other features of web designing. However, your ultimate aim is a site that looks simple and is easy to use.

Making your website complicated is only going to push the audience away. The users should be able to navigate through the site easily and get all the information that they need in just a few clicks.

This is important for you to retain your customers. If your site is cluttered and the navigation tabs are stuffed then your prospective client is sure to switch over to another site. Thus aim for a site that is easy for an average user to surf through.

There should be no compromise with your sites uploading speed

If your website takes time to upload then no user has the patience to wait for it. They would rather switch to a site that gives them what they want fast.

Website speed is crucial so ensures that your site does not take more than 3 seconds to upload. Or else you have lost a major business.

It is the look of your website that will sell

The online business world is all about looks. The functionality comes a little second. If the aesthetics of your business website fails to impress then you will lose your business.

Your website should be attractive but simple. Tons of images on your site and overlooking the colour schemes will only end up in failing to impress your visitors and make them look through your site.

Content is king for your website

If you could design a good looking and appealing website then half your task is done. Your visitor has decided to stay on and go through what you have to offer.

Now comes the net scenario which is the content.

Your content is being judged and thus it is crucial to have a compelling and engaging content. This will want you customers to stay because they realize that there is value that your business can offer.

Video contents are preferred over written content and your visitors are also looking for fresh ideas on your site. Relevant content pertaining to the answers that your visitors may be seeking is crucial for the success of your website.

Search engine ranking gets your website a high rank

Website designing is needed but SEO is a must. Or else your website will fail to pop up in the search. So make sure that you get your website optimized for SEO because then your visitor will be able to spot the site and use your services.

Convert your website visits with a call to action

You have traffic visiting your website and now you want to convert them to customers. This can be done through call to action. Those visitors who stay for a long time on your website are highly likely to convert to potential clients.

The call to action lets you visitors to stay a bit longer. You can implement this by asking your visitors to fil up a query form or sending some freebies when your visitor signs up on the website.

Websites need to be responsive

Imagine how may things do you search for on your laptop and how many on your smartphone. We are the smartphones generation who spends the maximum time searching through the internet on their smartphones.

Watch here what is responsive web design.

Be it to shop for groceries on an online clothes shopping site, purchasing an insurance policy or even to scan through the latest car or boat models and to purchase one, it is the mobile phone era today. There are a lot of customers that you can attract if your website is mobile friendly.

The website that you get designed should be compatible on desktop as well as on mobile. This will appeal to an audience.

Take care to understand that if your website looks good on the desktop it does not automatically translate to working well on the mobile. You need to get it optimized for mobile for your website to fit in the small mobile screen.

A 24-hour support system is a must

An under maintenance site is a big no for your business. If your website is under maintenance then in all probability it will get surpassed easily. It is important that every page on your site should be up and running all the time.

For this you need a 24 hour support system in place that ensures that all your website related issues are addressed without any delay.

Do not miss out on the contact information

Ensure to set aside a page on your website that talks about the means through which the client can contact you. A website that does not have contact details makes customers go cross.

Also how is the visitor supposed to reach you with no phone number or email id where he can get in touch with you regarding his queries? Thus a proper website designing should pay key emphasis on contact details.

Your website is the virtual presence of your business

Your website can compete in the market only when it truly reflects the personality of your business.

A physical address is not mandatory today but without a digital presence any company is unconceivable. This creates the need for a professional and aesthetically appealing website.


A well designed website helps to create a lasting memory. It is irrelevant if you are a full grown company or a start-up, trust me that you cannot do business today without creating an online presence.

A website designer can help you with the secrets of website designs that can keep you way ahead of your competitors and let them stay craving for the attention that you have won through your elegantly designed website that speaks tons about the brand that you are operating.

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