Make money virtually in dubai without having to step out of your home

A job has traditionally meant an offline work profile where employees go to work in the mornings and return back in the evening. Thanks to the internet the trend is slowly changing today.

It is now possible for people to make money online and increase their financial flow through various jobs that could at times even let them earn more than their full time 9 to 5 jobs.

1. Earn money writing a blog

Are you passionate about writing? Then start your blog which is one of the popular ways in Dubai to make money online.

You can start to write about anything that you are passionate about. However, it is wise if you choose a niche that is profitable which can help you to make tons of money from your blog.

Get creative and come up with ideas for your blog. It could be a food blog, a travel blog or maybe even a blog on parenting. Whatever niche you choose it is important that you have something to write on your page regularly and also that it is something interesting and unique for people to read your blog.

Your blog can help you to make connections. You will be able to profit through online advertising and affiliate marketing which can let you make a steady income stream.

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2. Start to coach students online

The advancement in technology and communication has made it possible for you to connect with anyone from anywhere in the world. Coaching online can offer a good stream of revenue.

You can coach anyone online through the video conferencing platforms. Like suppose you are good in a subject then you could start to teach children as well as adults located anywhere in the world and not necessarily in Dubai.

The younger generation today is careful about what they eat and take out time to exercise. They are becoming more conscious about their fitness which gives rise to demand for a fitness instructor.

If you are wondering about how to be a fitness instructor and work from home then here comes the answer. The millennials today want a flexible routine and this is where the online fitness instructors come into picture.

Most of them today work odd hours which may make it impossible for them to enroll in a gym or in a fitness center. These people want someone whom they can follow but who is available anytime.

There is also demand for online coaching classes for children. You could start an art and craft class, stem classes for kids, storytelling classes, coding classes, a summer camp or any other activity that you think has demand and that which you have talent for.

You can start your online classes just like you would have taken a coaching class at a center and start making money in Dubai. Start advertising your business and teach the subject online to students.

3. A travel agent’s job can be done virtually

Many people in Dubai have started their own travel agency that lets them manage all the operations of a travel agency business online.

From marketing to sales, to planning itineraries and arranging for the tour everything can now be done online. All that you need is a phone and an internet connection to start the business. Gone are the days when you had to set up an office if you were a travel agent.

Today everything can be done from home. Just tie up with a local tour operator, hotels and a transport provider and open a website to sell your services online.

4. A job of an online interpreter in Dubai is in demand

If you can speak in more than one global language then an online interpreter is your job. This can help you to make money online.

You can use your skill of being able to speak in multilingual languages and this can let you start your own business in Dubai. You may either get associated with a company or work as a freelancer.

There is a huge demand for interpreters and this job is only going to increase in demand.

You may also want to try out email marketing

There are companies who want to outsource their email marketing and for this they need people to work for them. You do not need a company to get into this business.

All that you need to do is to have a laptop and access to good internet connection. If you have these then get in touch with the right company and start your business as an email marketer.

5. Write for company websites as a freelancer

If you have good writing skills and a creative blend of mind then the right contacts will pay you to write content for them. There are many companies hiring freelance writers to write for their clients. And this is also a viable income stream.

Again it all depends on how good you are writing. If your clients like your writing skills then they would be ready to pay you a handsome amount for every article.

This is a great niche that you can get into when in Dubai. Either get in touch with companies, or approach magazines and newspapers who are ready to pay you to publish your article.

You can also apply for freelance jobs on various bidding sites. Just take care to first create your portfolio and then start applying on various platforms.

6. An e-commerce website has huge prospects

E-commerce website is another opportunity to make money online when you are in Dubai.

You can sell physical goods on your website through your e-commerce platform. You can also take orders on your site and connect them to a third party that will manufacture and ship the product. This will save you from the production and the warehousing but you still make money when you connect the buyer and the seller.

It is best if you just specialize on one particular niche. Like, you may just target garments, toys, books, electronics etc. to start with.

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7. Consulting is also a great niche to try out

If you think that you have some specialization that can help a business then you can do consultation completely virtually when in Dubai.

If you are an expert in some field then this is also a great way to make money online in Dubai. Businesses need consultants to give advice to them to manage their business better.

There could be various areas where you can help a business and consult for them. You may give them advice on managing their finances or even on how to operate their social media pages for better marketing.

8. Get into affiliate marketing

Even if you do not own any product or have a service to sell, you can try out affiliate marketing to earn a huge commission through one time sales.

You could also get monthly ongoing sales.

This is how it works. The online merchant will give you an affiliate website. He will also help you with marketing support.

All that you need to do is to promote the company using social media or search engine. You may also promote the business through your blog or website. You will have to make an email list and follow up with the subscribers to generate sales.

You do not have to create any new products nor will you need to offer customer support. You will also not have to create any marketing material.

All that you need to do is pick a market that is profitable and promote the product and earn commission anytime when a sale is made. Get into affiliate marketing when in Dubai which is also one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money online.

9. Work as a virtual assistant

You can also work as a virtual assistant in Dubai. This is totally an online job profile.

All that you are required to do is to manage appointments, schedule the daily tasks and do all that an assistant does. This job is totally online and you will be serving someone who is sitting elsewhere. This is a demanding job but at the same time highly lucrative too.

The best part is that you can work as an assistant virtually without having to get out of home.

Final thoughts

The internet is not just a platform where you get access to news and to movies. Today the internet is also being used as a medium to make a lot of money through legitimate business. This could be a supplement income source or your full time income.

Many people have chosen to start their own businesses on the internet .Online business is a hit in Dubai as well. So choose from the list above or come up with your own ideas to start your own online venture in Dubai.

However, take care to take the plunge only if you are passionate about something. The internet is flooded with a plethora of options. For starting your online business choose what suites you and try it out.

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