Whom should you hire in dubai for your business – a web designer or a graphics designer?

Most businesses in Dubai find it difficult to understand whether to hire a web designer or a graphics designer to help their business grow.

In fact, most of them understand these two roles to be interchangeable. However, it is important to know that these are two different roles and they both have a different purpose to serve.

A web designer and a graphics designer – Their core responsibilities

The web designers as well as the graphic designers have to depend on artistic skills and creativity to produce a pleasing design for the client. Both the individuals develop designs using computers and have excellent skill in using the computer.

The graphic designer will incorporate the organizations or the clients’ information in an online or in a printed form. The web designer specializes in designing websites.

The web designer will post information that is crucial for the company or the organization to display online and this is done by focusing on the sites functionality. The businesses that hire a graphic designer do so to mostly advertise their business or in order to convey some message to the target audience in an artistic way.

The role of a graphic designer

A graphic designer is mostly involved in creating typography, graphics and images in order to present some idea. They find job prospects in the print as well as in the web projects. They create some digital graphics which can then be made into posters or brochures or whatever the business decides.

Graphic designers do not program and they are just responsible to create graphics that can be used in print or for publishing in websites. The graphic designer are not aware of the ways in which a business website can get a new look.

They know nothing about the techniques of programing. The graphic designer is mostly involved in magazine layout, illustration, advertisement design, editing, video effects etc. They are not capable of code designing which is an essential part of website designing.

All that a graphic designer does is to create a layout and a design for his clients who want to advertise their brand through various mediums. The graphic designer does have an eye for art because they need to be able to create designs that are appealing to the market so that it sells and they also make use of the latest computer software to create the up-to-date designs.

Mostly graphic designers are hired by businesses to create a business logo, change designs, check printed material and to create designs as per the clients requirements.

The role of a website designer

The website designer creates typography, graphics and images just like the way the graphic designers do. But they also use the World Wide Web.

The website designer is the one responsible to ensure that a website loads fast and it runs efficiently. They need to take care of the screen resolution, file size as well as the performance and the speed of the website.

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The website designers need to turn all their designs into a website that is up and running. They thus possess knowledge of HTML or HyperText Markup Language and also make use of CSS or Cascading Style Sheets.

Any website designing company will have both a graphic designer as well as a website designer. However, the website designers come with more technical knowledge and they are the ones who know how to run a website efficiently and in the best possible way. They know how to make the website look elegant as well as be functional.

The web designer also works to create website designs that are appealing to the client and that which can gain the customer interest. They make sure that the website is visually appealing and also has a layout that ensures easy navigation. They are responsible to keep the graphic up to date and make use of modern designs to catch the user’s attention.

To ensure that the website works well the web designers should know coding and have an attention to detail. They should make sure that the HTML is done well. So the main job of the web designer is to create website application and produce the design and the layout of the websites that fits the client needs.

They check that the graphics used in the website is related to the website content. And a major role that the web designer performs is to check the website traffic.

Understand the difference between a web designer and a graphic designer before you hire one

Many people fail to realize the difference between a graphic designer and web designer. If this happens that sometimes a business hires a graphic designer expecting him to work as a web designer.

If you are looking to create images that are eye catching that can communicate your ideas but you are not bothered about the final look of your product then you should opt for a graphic designer. However if you want to create  website that has a better search ranking and also drives in more business then a web designer in Dubai is whom you should hire.

Why your business in Dubai does needs to hire a web designer and not a graphics designer

Now that you understand that the task that a web designer performs is different from that of what a graphic designer does.

A web designer will create web pages for the internet. The web designers design the displays of graphics on your website. This is the images and the contents that will be posted on your business website. The graphics and the contents that a web designer designs is posted in the form of web pages on the internet.

A web designer will use various computer applications like Photoshop, CSS, HTML, XHTML, PHP, JavaScript and JPG images.

Basically the web designers have more inclination towards the technical part of your website. In contrast the role of a graphic designer is very concise. In fact a graphic designer may fail to give shape to every idea of your business website.

Most of the web designers perform the role of a graphic as well as a web designer.

Hiring a web designer for your website will let you get the benefits of their programming knowledge and their technical skills but also their graphic designs. Also the web designers know what it takes to enhance your website ranking.

If you want to turn your website design thought into reality then hiring a website designer is the right thing for you. He or she will give a better shape to your ideas as compared to what a graphic designer can do.

In fact if you want to create a website to make your online presence felt in Dubai or across the globe then you should not think twice about hiring a website designer. A web designer can help to give the proper shape to your website and also make sure that your website gets noticed and gets popular throughout the world.

Why is hiring a website designer crucial for your business in Dubai?

You may be wondering why most of the businesses are ready to pay so much to hire an efficient web designer in Dubai. After all is it not enough just to have a functional website? Is the looks of the website really important?

In reality most of the business presence online is because of their website design.

This means that it is crucial that a business should have the best styles for their website that is efficient and works for their business. Although anyone can create a website it takes a skilled person to design and to make a website functional and to stand out.

And if you read the data then today it just takes 0.05 seconds for a user to decide whether or not to read through the website. This clearly shows how important it is for the website to stand out in all aspects and this is something that only a web designer can offer to you.

A web designer is inevitable for your business

Envision a situation where you have started an online business and want to attract a huge audience to it. Well this is why you have created a website for, to bring in clients and to increase your revenue. So what is the strategy that you follow? How will you make your audience trust and rely on your website as well as the services that you offer.

The most crucial thing is to have a website that is flawless and has a responsive design. In fact ask most of the successful companies and they will tell you that a great website is one of the leading components that takes the brand to great growth and expansion.

A website design is more than just a few colours and buttons to click. In fact it is the way you advertise and are able to outperform completion. There are a plethora of reasons why you should have an appealing website and to achieve it hiring a web designer in Dubai is non-negotiable.

Hire Web Designer or Graphic Designer FAQ

Why should you hire a web designer?

If you want to create your website that has a better search ranking and also drives in more business then you should choose a web designer whom you should hire.

How much salary for web designer in Dubai?

In Dubai a web designer salary is depends up on their experience and skills however you can say if you have 2-3 years web designing experience in Dubai you can get an average salary of AED 8000.

Where I can hire a graphic designer in Dubai?

Naukri Gulf
Creative Design UAE

How much salary for graphic designer in Dubai?

If you are really artistic and creative skills in graphic designing you can earn very good salary in Dubai. Average salary for a 2-3 years experienced graphic designer is around AED 7000.

Where I can find web design or graphic design jobs in Dubai?

There are many small & large scale companies are located in Dubai. Dubai Media City, JLT, Tecom, Dubai Marina, Business Bay these are the very familiar places in Dubai where you can find good IT companies.

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