Checklist of questions before starting to design a client website

A questionnaire checklist is a must if you are a website designer. It helps to make sure that you and your client are completely aligned and are on the same page.

This helps in minimizing error, avoids any chance of miscommunication, and also ensures that you deliver a successful website. It avoids frustration of missing deadlines and thus puts you in good books of your client.

If you are working as a website designer then it is highly likely that you are juggling between various projects at one time. This is where the checklist and the questionnaire come handy.

The checklist will keep things clear between you and your client so that you get all your questions answered before you start work. You do not want to accept a project only to realize that your client wants it delivered in one day.

The scope of the project is also an important factor. The deliverables should be discussed upfront else you will end up doing 2x amount of the job and without being able to bill it.

Avoid these troubles when you start your discussion with a questionnaire in hand. This will let you nail down the specifics and you will be able to deliver exactly what the client expects from you.

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What is the business of a company?

This question will give you answers about the products and the services that the company deals with. It will also highlight their business model to you. You now know the basic working of this company.

Once you know about their business ask them to send you relevant details about the company that would be incorporated in the design. This could be about their story, their values, their contact details, or any other information that will form a part of the website.

Ask the company about their target customer base

Every website is designed with the same purpose, which is to convert its traffic. Thus the website must be able to target the exact audience. This will let you design the website accordingly.

Make sure to understand what your clients USP or unique selling point is

A USP is what differentiates one product from the other. This is what sets one company apart from the other. Knowing the USP as a website designer is crucial which will help to make the website compelling.

You will aim to highlight the company’s USP. Whatever be it, you must understand this to use it as an advantage on the website.

Do you want to create a website from scratch or just improve it?

Here you should be clear about what the client exactly expects you to do. If your client tells you that he wants to update the website then this means that you do not have to buy the website domain or get hosting for them.

If your client instead tells you that he wants you to design his website from scratch then you need to ask him about the domain and hosting and who will be taking care of it.

Explain to the client about SEO optimization if he is not aware of it

A website is created to draw traffic. You can draw traffic only when people can see you. In this age of cut-throat competition, it is crucial that the websites nail SEO. Explain the process of SEO and tell your client, why SEO is necessary.

Also agree on who will do the keyword research and recommend a keyword list that should be targeted.

Discuss the client’s website URL and if they like it or want to change it

It is important to be very specific in this section and understand the preference of your client. This will not let you use some design elements that your client does not like.

If your client has an existing website then he can tell you that it is old then ask about what they find outdated. It could be the colour or the navigation

Enquire about which platforms they would want on the website?

Most website designers would just assume the platform that the buyer needs. Do not ever do that. Ask the client if he has some preference.

He may need WordPress or HTML or some other website builder. It is possible that your client does not understand all of these so you must be very specific and take him through the benefits of drawbacks of each.

Which pages does your client want to include on the website?

For website designing, you also need to know which pages you have to design. Either ask your client about it or you may come up with possible suggestions.

You should understand how your client wants each page to be laid out. This lets you plan your deliverables.

A basic website will have the Homepage, About Us page, Contact Us, and a Terms and Conditions page. Again this is not a standard format. Depending on the kind of industry that they deal with the business owner may need something customized.

They may need a Pricing Page, Login Page, Booking Page, or a Product Page, etc. Discuss this with your customer before you accept the project.

Understand the underlying goal of the client in designing the website

There could be many reasons in the client’s mind about why he wants his website designed. It could be the structure of the site, some elements that he wants to be included, or some information that he wants to highlight.

Is the content for the website ready? If not then who writes it?

Once you understand your client’s goals about designing the website the next step is to have proper content for the website. Ask them clearly about who will be writing the content.

Will they manage it themselves or will you be the one responsible for it.
If the client decides to do it themselves then set a deadline post getting the content.

If the client wants you to take care of the content then understand their tone and style so that you get the content framed exactly how your client wants it to be.

You can do it yourself or hire freelancers to do it. However, knowing the exact content and the writing style that the client desires will avoid any reworks.

Talk to you customer about their companies logo

The company logo could decide on the kind of colours that you would use on the website. This will ensure that the website stays cohesive with the brand.

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By when should the website be launched?

Discussing the timeline of the project is crucial before you commit to the project is important. This thus should be an important part of your questionnaire.

If you will be offering revisions then do let the client know clearly about the time that you would take for the revisions.

If the client is rushing then commit only if you can achieve it. Thus an important part of your checklist should be to come to an agreed deadline for the project.

Determine the budget that the client has in mind for website designing

You need to discuss your client’s budget and this is something to not feel shy about. Ideally, you would want to partner with a client who does not bargain for the last penny.

If you do agree on a discount then make sure that you offer some sort of a compromise to your client.

Who will be updating and maintaining the website?

You may have to do the updating and maintenance if your client is not tech-savvy. This will involve updating the plugins and themes and adding features to the website.

So make sure to check with your client about who will take over the website maintenance responsibility with your client.

The responsibility of content marketing and blogging

The client should be asked especially about how he will be marketing his business online. If he is not aware of this then he may need your help in blogging.

Some website designers also focus on marketing and if you take this responsibility then be clear to discuss it with the business.

Even if you do not do marketing and blogging yourself, you can outsource it to some freelancer. This is again something that you need to discuss with your client before signing the contract.


Website design is an important criterion for the success of any business today.

Businesses have gone online and without a proper website, it is hard for any business to flourish. This creates the need for a professional website designer.

Website design has the potential to make or break the business. It determines whether or not the traffic on the website will spend time and convert to leads or if they will move away to the competitor.

Website designing is not easy since there are many design checks and multiple rounds through which the website has to go before it goes live.

To make the process flawless it is always advised to have a checklist of the questions that the website designer should ask his client before he enters into a deal with him.

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